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Here’s another great way to make money online. If you’ve read my previous post on using Google AdSense, you can get an idea of how much money you can make with nothing more than an internet connection. As an update to that post, my highest AdSense payout has since been just under $3,000.

AdSense is probably the easiest (and most lucrative) way I’ve ever made money online but it’s not the only way. Amazon sends me monthly checks and as of a few months ago, I’ve been receiving a check from ClickBank every month.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a huge marketplace of products that you can sell for commissions. After creating an account, you simply browse the marketplace, pick a product that you like and advertise it on your website(s). When someone clicks that link, your affiliate id is sent to the sales page. If they buy, you get a percentage of the sale.

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Surprisingly, you can make a lot of money on ClickBank and you’ll most often make more than the author of the product. The product creators realize the need to reward sellers and they benefit more from gross sales, so sell a couple of items and you can easily make $100 or more every month. You wouldn’t even have to worry about procuring lån med dålig kreditvärdighet. If I was to work on ClickBank sales only, I’m pretty confident I could make an extra $1,000 or more.. but again, AdSense brings better overall earnings.  Here’s our latest check (I have the checks sent to my wife to give her a little extra fun money):

clickbank check

Not a ton of money.. but an extra $84.03 this month. I’ve had months just under $200 and months just over $50, which was our first check back in January of this year:

ClickBank January check
$51.48 was my first ClickBank check back in January, 2013

ClickBank Frustration

The only problem I have in recommending ClickBank to people is that it takes a bit of time to ever get a check and you won’t see the first bit of money you earn. ClickBank has measures in place to “avoid fraud” that basically ensure you won’t get any money from sales for a while. Specifically…

  • You must have at least three separate sales and the buyers must all use different payment methods. Three different credit-cards will qualify you but three PayPal sales won’t and I don’t know about you, but PayPal is about all I use when shopping online.

Altogether, I made just over $500 worth of sales before I ever got my first check because of this rule. You’ll likely get peeved when logging in to your ClickBank account and seeing hundreds of dollars worth of sales while your cut is $0, but hang in there.. it will eventually work.

There’s also a threshold that you must reach and you can set this as low as $50 (no idea why you would want to set it higher at first). You’ll want to set this right away as I believe my default threshold was $100 when I created my account.

Time To Sell

When picking your ClickBank products, find something you believe in. That’s the best advice I can give for using the site and making some extra income. When I received my account, I went with the products that payed out over $100 p/ sale and I went with the products that sold the most. Neither one of those strategies worked for me.

The $100 items simply didn’t get any clicks. The most popular items have the greatest “gravity”, as indicated on each product. While these products have seen the most recent sales, the number can be deceiving. Marketers tend to have huge email lists of followers and when they release new ClickBank products, they often send out thousands of emails and offer specials and extra bonuses to those who sell their new product. With an influx of new promoters and a product that is currently more popular than it probably deserves to be, the sales are often high out of the gate.

My experience with high gravity products is that they tend to create a lot of refunders and that counts against you if your ratio is too high.

In the end, I went with three different products that I actually believed in, as I should have done from the start. Now this can be difficult, since you can’t actually review any products you’re promoting, but Google is your friend in this case. Get the reviews of people who have purchased the product you’re interested in marketing and promote only those products people seem to love.

That’s it! Get in the game and start making a little extra cash online. If you’re not subscribed here, do so by putting your email in the top right. When I actually get around to it, I’ve decided to just release all my website scripts for a very low price in one package. My last script is finally finished and I’m testing it right now. It’s working and I’m getting new sales from Indeed, the online site for jobs. You’re gonna’ like it!

Have a great one…

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