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EDIT (4/28/12): No longer offering this as I sold 15 in the first week and it’s a part of how I earn my own money online. Just trying to be careful about saturation. Coming soon though.. a much better offer on a site I’m creating that is doing quite well and I’ll be selling again.

Today, I’m posting with a pretty special offer. If you’ve been looking to start making money online, I’ve got an easy way for you to do it. The Best Classifieds Script you’ll find online is for sale right here and I’m selling cheap! Let’s call it the Kasifieds Script!

Here’s why this is the best php classifieds script (and deal) you will find…

First of all, my sites make money. December was my high month last year and I made just under $3000 in AdSense income (November was just a couple hundred away). In the last 15 months, I have made over $20,000 online from just having websites that serve ads.

But frankly, this is the best classifieds script around because.. the functionality of the script is far better than most all I’ve tried or seen and.. I’m including at least 1000 pre-populated items for any category you choose! Anyone having attempted a classifieds site online will tell you how difficult it is for the simple reason that people arrive at your new site and see no ads (or even as few as 20 or 30 that you tried to fake it with), and they’ll instantly leave.. realizing that there’s no traffic and there’s no benefit for them to place an ad. A barren site will send visitors running away every time. Without an advertising budget to keep pushing people to your site, your site will fail. I figured this out some time ago and spent days and weeks developing my own script that goes out and grabs entire listings from other popular classifieds sites, and imports them into my classifieds site. I grab pictures, create thumbnails and all (for random ads and the latest ads on the site). The sites look as professional as you could hope for. Your site will instantly have a presence!

This system works and it’s just as simple as that. Like any site, you need to start promoting it with a bit of SEO so if you’re unfamiliar with that, I’ll show you how I do that as well.

The price? Only $150 (If I know you personally.. old school friend, facebook friend, etc.. I’ll sell for $100). Trust me.. it’s a steal. The script is beautiful. It’s completely unique and created by me, so there’s not thousands of copies of the same classifieds site floating around. I can’t stress enough, the importance of a site having a unique footprint to be successful!

Features: Posters have email authentication and can edit or delete from a url that gets emailed after registration. I created my own rss script for all listings. The URLs are all SEO friendly (hugely important for search engine traffic). I’ve also added some very nice (and pricey) CodeCanyon scripts into the site. CodeCanyon sells php add-ons that work out of the box, and adding them to a site really makes it shine and enhances the functionality greatly. I’m using a dropdown menu (which connects to Amazon for extra earnings), a wonderful search tool and additional contact form from CodeCanyon. As you will see, the site is very unique and impressive looking!

It gets better. I’m not overly interested in selling these, because I don’t want to flood the web with my classifieds script. It works too well and I’ve learned that having a small footprint online is key to making a lot of money. I don’t mind selling a few because the fact is, there are too many topics for me to possibly create sites for and promote properly, but I’ll eventually pull this offer. I’m not advertising this special anywhere. It’s only for people who stop by my site and are subscribed. I don’t have the time to fill 20 orders at once. I’m just expecting the occasional interested party and I’ll create a site only after an order has been placed. I’m just rewarding those who subscribe to my website.

If $150 seems high, you are simply not understanding how well this process works. It’s automated income and all you have to do is put in a few hours every week, to promote your website. Creating these sites also requires several hours of work on my part, p/ site. The pre-populated listings are done by a script that I created (as explained above), but I still have to run this script “per city” (or locale) on the sites I build out for you, changing settings to update the database correctly, before each run. Average time for me is about 5 hours p/ site (to build out about a thousand listings). I will then zip up the database and site files and email them to you (I can host it for you even cheaper if you don’t currently have a website – see details below).

Keep in mind that I’m not selling anyone a “trick” site to fool people. The site is simply pre-populated to give your new website the feel of a very successful and popular site when people arrive. It’s what makes people stay, post ads and shop. It works. It’s not an auto-blog, in that the site isn’t continually getting updated in this manner. It’s a jump start and it gets a lot of pages indexed quickly. My experience is that you should start promoting right away and people will start coming almost instantly. This is a legitimate classifieds site that is better than any other script you’re going to find online because it’s like buying a site that’s been operating for a couple years.

If you’ve been considering starting a classifieds site, stop shopping for classifieds scripts and grab this deal. It’s far better than any other you will find. Check out my AdSense posts and see that I’m not just another marketer trying to sell you junk without showing proof. My system works and I make good money online. I don’t spend my extra time on junk forums making people promises and selling my system. I’ve never done this. I spend my time making money online and continually improving my system. My time is limited. I have a full time job that always comes first and my online time allows me a couple hours late every night after my 2 sweet babies lay down to sleep and that’s pretty much it.

And now, you likely want to see a demo? I’ll offer up one of my sites. Please check out bicyclebuysell.us. Google has more pages indexed than I have pages on the site. Search engines love these sites!

There are a couple “gotchas” you need to consider.

1) Installing this script requires connecting php files to a mysql database, but it’s not a built in, up-in-seconds script. If you don’t have experience with doing this, I will offer an install for $50. I built it out for me so it’s not the most intuitive but I’ll provide instructions (If you’re comfortable with editing php files and config files, you’ll be fine). If you don’t have mild php experience though, you may find it confusing and difficult, and should consider the install option.
2) I currently run my sites at hostgator.com. They’re a great host and they charge $9 a month. If you are looking to start creating a lot of sites, I recommend them. Whatever host you go with though, be sure that they offer the php mail function (check their documentation or ask) and that they don’t require smtp authentication. Most online hosts use php mail so this shouldn’t be an issue, but I wrote my script with this in mind, so it’s required.

Are you brand new to websites and this is your very first? If so, I’ll make you a special offer to get you up and running. I’ll host your site on my account for only $5 a month. And.. if you want to do it that way, I’ll forego the $50 install fee (since the entire technical setup will be using all administration tools I already have setup). I’ll give you ongoing technical support as well, and I’ll work with you to make sure your site is successful and getting traffic.

Whether you take me up on this deal or move on, best of luck to you online. Classifieds sites work and they work well, but they do require a bit of experience (and without being pre-populated… time) to be successful, so stick with it and the sky’s the limit!

And finally, if you’re not quite sure about moving on this deal, subscribe to my site. I’ve got exactly two more offers I’m going to make on original, unique websites in the coming months. One is very new and is targeting Amazon.


  1. I just sent you an email about this.

  2. Looks fantastic. THANK YOU! Highly recommended to anyone who is on the fence.

  3. I would like to order one of these sites. Will you customize a few things for me or would that be extra?

  4. @Gonzo.. Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like your new site. I think you’re in a great niche.

    @Rene.. I guess that depends on how much customizing you are needing. So long as it’s just a few small things, I certainly don’t mind. If it’s something that requires a few hours, I’ll send you a quote.

  5. Jeff, I would like to order one of these sites as well.
    please email me.

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