Leaked Google Document Shows How Websites Are Rated

Getting into Internet Marketing and not sure what Google considers a “quality” website? Here’s a leaked document that shows exactly how ratings are assigned and how manual reviews are done.

This is quite handy, as I constantly read blogs where someone has had their site deindexed (removed from the Google search results) by Google for infractions.


Google Quality Guidelines 2011


  1. Do you really think that Google didn’t know about this “leak” ?

  2. Of course they are aware, Rasmus. But it’s not a document they want out there. I’ve had a friend who was contacted by Google and asked to remove it so there’s your proof.

  3. Oh, I see. Did your friend remove it ? 😉

    I wonder who the leak is… Google will probably investigate this right away.

  4. Are you being serious? Google has thousands and thousands of manual reviewers that review websites for quality control. This is simply the document they use since all of the help is outsourced. You can Google this doc and find it elsewhere too.. but there are many cases of the document being removed or Google asking people to remove it.

    Do some research.

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