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Edit  4/27/12:    AOL removed their “latest searches” page so the site is not currently grabbing any new results.  I plan to set some time aside and find a different site to grab the latest searches from.  I have a couple great ones I found… just need to put the time in.  For now, check out “” for a site that grabs the trending topics on Yahoo’s front page. News Monkey is still does quite well on getting visitors.  Lots of long tail keywords!

Check out my latest website at News Monkey is an experiment in presenting the news in a different way than you’re used to. What I did was head over to the latest searches at AOL. As you’ll see, that page collects the top 50 searches every hour. That sounded like a great place to start so the NewsMonkey scrapes those terms and I save them all to a mysql database. I then present them dynamically (as soon as they get stored every hour) on the front page of NewsMonkey and I grab the related news stories at Yahoo and Google and dynamically display them as well.

In this way, a user never has to leave the page to see all the latest news. It’s easy to simply look at the list on the right, select what topic is of interest to you, click that term and see snippets of all the latest news displayed on the same page. Click the snippets and you are taken to the full news story.

The site also has an “All News” page, where I’m actually displaying all of these hourly terms that I save. Since AOL doesn’t display the historical terms anywhere, this could be a handy list for seeing a history of what’s hot on the web and using it for such things as creating relevant blog posts, or just seeing what people are continually interested in looking at. That can be important info for anyone who’s into online marketing.

NewsMonkey is an easy way to see all the latest search terms and related news stories, all in one place, on a single page. Find that somewhere else!

To monetize the website, I’m currently using InfoLinks. I’ve not tried this service before and so far, I’m not crazy about it. In just a few weeks since building this site, I am getting a lot of Google traffic and I’ve yet to even begin a marketing campaign on it. Nothing better than organic traffic when you build a site! Google already has over 11,000 pages indexed and I’m getting around 300 visitors a day and that typically equates to some decent extra income when using AdSense, as I explained in a previous post. Still, I’ll stick with InfoLinks for another month or so and see if it picks up any.

Next up is a couple new site ideas that I’ve been working on that are equally as fun so come back and visit…

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