How to Make a Lot of Money Online

adsenseIf you Google how to make money online, you get a few million websites swearing by a method that will make you a fortune, if you only spend a small fortune to make it happen. So here are all the books for the people that want a legitimate system and don’t know where to start.. without the added request for any money from you.

I started trying to make online money just last fall (2010). With every month, I’ve made a little more. It’s been 9 months and just today, I’ve received my latest AdSense check for last month in the amount of $1,443.32.  (May was more yet again)

AdSense is Google’s program for monetizing websites. Advertisers sign up at Google’s AdWords program, pay good money to try to outbid each other for ads that are placed on millions of websites. The bidding war makes AdSense publishers (those of us with websites) profit all the more.

If you’re looking to make money, here’s a quick breakdown of the how to…

  • Create a website (or websites) that target niches with buying keywords.  In other words, don’t start a personal blog about your every day life and expect to make money.  If your goal is money, ask yourself if the topic of your blog is something people will Google when searching for and spend money on?   If you are a personal loan officer, start a blog about it!  That’s a high paying niche with ads people will click on.
  • Target long-tail keywords.  If you’re considering starting a website on video cameras, the competition will be fierce and you’ll likely never see many visitors.  Instead, do a Google search for a specific model camcorder with a specific option and focus on specific features.  This makes your site an “authority site” and if you have the most information on the product, in this manner, Google’s algorithm is smart enough to realize that and a lot of Google searches get sent your way.  Traffic is the key.
  • The more content you can get on your site(s), the better.  I use automated methods as well as manual.  You have to have a lot of content to have a chance of getting a lot of visitors.  Check the amount of pages that any site has by going to Google and typing: (where websitename is the name of your site).  Most of my sites have a few thousand pages.  More content = more traffic.
  • Backlink, backlink, backlink.  Google doesn’t give your site authority until it sees a lot of backlinks (links from other websites) linking to you.  This unfortunately is what leads to the vast amount of spam you see everywhere online.
  • Don’t expect instant results.  Most of my websites take a little over three months to start bringing money in.  It’s just a few dollars in the first month or two and then they tend to jump considerably in that third or fourth month.  Keep creating backlinks and content during this time.  Unfortunately, some sites are duds and never seem to come through with more than a couple dollars a month.  I typically forget these sites after about 5 months if they still aren’t producing.
  • Spin your content and submit to article directories.  Article directories are everywhere online.  You’ve probably found many while Googling for searches yourself.  The idea is to write random articles and the magic happens in that little author box.  Put the backlinks to your site(s) in that box.  The more popular article directories tend to get scraped (people copy the content to their own blogs) and your backlinks get spread around the internet a bit more quickly.

Here’s the tools I typically use:

  • The AdSense sandbox – This handy site allows you to punch your new website topic in and see what kind of ads will be displayed on the site you’re thinking about creating.. thus letting you see how lucrative it has the potential to be.
  • The Keyword Tool – This is Google’s tool that shows you the amount of searches for a particular keyword (p/ month).  You want to choose the ‘Exact’  match (deselect ‘broad’) and I order by Global Monthly Searches.
  • The Spinner – There’s a lot of different spinners so feel free to look around if you’re considering buying.  I like this one.  The idea here is that if you are write an article and post it to an article directory, you want to post that article to a lot of different directories but… search engines tend to write off exact duplicates so using a spinner will put a thesaurus spin on your article and allow you to be credited with a lot of different articles and therefore, backlinks.
  • SpyFu – This site lets you see how much a particular topic is worth.  If I’m considering starting a website on video cameras, just enter that (or a domain name) in the box and go.  I always look for a cost/click of at least .50 or more.  Some keywords generate ridiculously high clicks.  Put mesothelioma in the box and you realize that a single visitor clicking on an ad on your website can yield you $50 to $100!  This is just for a possible lead generation.
  • StatCounter – I add a little code to all my websites for the main purposes of knowing exactly how many visitors are stopping by and the exact phrases they searched Google for to get there.  I have multiple spreadsheets with thousands of phrases and when I find repeat phrases, I start backlinking to those phrases through the article directories to give them even more “juice” with the search engines.

Keep in mind that the more an ad topic pays, the greater the competition.  I personally stick with the low paying niches that have less competition.  If you remember your Statistics lessons, there’s a concept known as long-tail distribution.  The “long-tail phenomenon” says that if a consumer is given unlimited choices, everything becomes available.  This is what the internet has brought about.  So as an internet marketer wants to target keywords (Google searches) that have 4 or more words (as I like to do it) and has low supply, low demand and low competition.  Even though the demand is low, the traffic is all yours.  It’s a higly targeted audience.  I even target 6 and 7 word phrases on a couple sites with success.

The tail of the curve is extremely long when compared to the head.  The head represents all of those narrow word terms that the major websites specialize in.  It’s high demand and competition with a low target audience.  Stay away.  Trying to capture traffic from the term “fat loss” is a losing battle.   There are millions of sites.  The long tail, however, is never ending.  This means that there’s no end to what you can market and be successful.

All of the money I make online is about numbers, numbers, numbers.  Having more numbers to crunch is the secret and that includes the amount of websites I put up as well.  I just hit the “100 mark” for number of websites.  Having access to 100 sites and all the phrases that have lead people to all of these sites is the key to success.  You start viewing websites in a completely different way and it becomes quite easy to see what might work and what won’t (though there are always surprises).

That’s it in a nutshell.  Outside of the above methods, I keep trying new things.  I keep creating new websites with different concepts and I keep analyzing what works.. and what doesn’t.  Overall though, I have now developed a pretty good sense of what will work before trying it.  Marketing a new website becomes second nature after doing it over and over.  It will for you too if you decide to go the road.

adsenseThe last big piece of advice is to take action.  I can’t tell you the amount of conversations I still have with people who are interested in doing something (internet related or other) but never take action.  Taking action of any kind is the key.  Negative results are as important as positive results in achieving success.  “No results” are good for nothing.

The best part of AdSense is that it’s completely passive income.  I only work on websites when I’m sitting around bored in the evening and after the money starts coming in on a particular site, I never have to touch it again or market it in any way.  It typically just keeps growing on it’s own every month thereafter.  The extra $$ provided by AdSense allowed me to get my braces this year and now I’m shooting for getting my mortgage paid within 5 years. There’s a lot of money to be made online so jump in and grab your share.  If you’re starting out and have any questions, just let me know.


  1. Great article. I’ve been working hard at AdSense for a couple years now but I’m not close to what you’re making! You’ve given me some good ideas though.
    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Shaun. Always glad to share. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help. 2 years is enough time that you should have some Google love with some of your websites (assuming you have a few). Start capitalizing on that and you’ll be surprised how quickly your monthly paychecks will jump. If you don’t have the traffic yet, focus on nothing else but increasing that number.

    Best of luck!

  3. Hey Jeff… didn’t know you did all this stuff. Would love to chat with you about what you have been doing sometime… I can by you a ‘hebrews’ coffee maybe?

  4. Sure, Dan! I’m always up for a free coffee. 🙂 This last month has been my best yet. I just barely missed the $3000 mark.. which I was really wanting to hit, but.. all in good time.

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