How to Use Yahoo Pipes

In building a new website the last couple weeks, I’ve become very familiar with Yahoo Pipes. If you’re kind of interested in programming but not really wanting to learn a complete language, check out Yahoo Pipes. Yahoo Pipes lets you do mashups of different content and work with RSS feeds in some very clever ways. RSS feeds are a great way to make money online. Grabbing RSS feeds allows you to build sites with automated content and thereby, keep increasing that online income.

Perhaps my favorite thing to do is scrape HTML pages without having to code for it. The ‘Fetch Page’ module works quite effectively. I like to grab content and RSS feeds, store it in a MySQL database, automate the process and then retrieve it for dynamic website creation.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, stop by and give a look at Yahoo Pipes. If you’re interested in how to make money using Yahoo Pipes, spend a few bucks and pickup a great guide I found here. It’s well worth the investment (a whopping $15). I got my return within the first month of the first website I built and the site has been doing better ever since.  I’m currently building several more from the same model.

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