How to Restart a Crashed Program Automatically

Ever have an server application that you absolutely need to keep running but it continues to give you problems? Well over a year ago, I was getting to the point of swearing at a particular program that was giving me fits and continually requiring me to login to a server for the sole purpose of hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and then restarting my app.

Enter one of my favorite System Administration programs that I still use today… the ‘Restart On Crash’ program. ROC can be found at and I don’t mind giving a little link love to the author, as he has indeed made my life easier.

ROC is a little Delphi program that does it all.. and best of all it’s free!  The program will monitor any number of programs you ask it to and even gives you options as to when it should consider a program “hanged”.  You can then enter a command line to restart it.  With the command line option available, your options are wide open.  You can provide additional parameters to any executable or simply direct ROC to a batch file and run multiple commands.

If you need a great little free program that fixes your hanged applications, stop by and give ROC a download.  There’s a lot more features than described here and it runs quietly in your taskbar and uses virtually no memory.   It’s one of those handy little tools every Sys  Admin should have available.

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