My Beautiful Daughter is Born

new babyI’m not sure a guy could ever get much luckier.  I got to marry the love of my life.. and she’s more beautiful than anyone I’ve ever known… far more beautiful than an average schmuck like me should have ever been able to get.  We have a son and along with his mother, he’s the joy of my soul.  I’ve got my health, a great job.. you name it.  The only thing that could have made life more complete is a little girl in the mix… and now she’s here.

Peyton Reese Kastner was born on Dec 2, 2009.  She came out kicking and screaming so if that’s a sign of things to come, life is going to be even more adventurous.  She’s as beautiful as the setting sun… more so actually.   The last few days have all been kind of a blur and I’m still shaking my head in amazement at how God has blessed me. You just gotta’ see this little girl.

I love you, Peyton.  Daddy’s going to spoil you rotten….



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